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A creative community where tradition and innovation meet. Find your place among friends at 9th Street Village.

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Where Tradition Meets Innovation

9th Street Village is a collaborative and innovative community for movers, shakers and makers in Bend, Oregon. We believe in community, in supporting each other in all of our endeavors and operating in a back-to-basics style highlighted by the work ethic of the individuals and businesses that make up 9th Street Village. Network with like-minded, unique, self-sufficient people that provide the backbone of this warm and supportive environment. Take a class at DIY Cave, join our group of creatives, share beers and bites with friends at Bevel Craft Brewing and the food carts at The Patio, bring your group for practice or a meeting at Milo’s. Welcome to the place where tradition and innovation meet.

Back to Basics
9th Street Village takes a back-to-basics approach to the overall community we’ve created in Bend, Oregon. All of the tables at The Patio were built in the DIY Cave. This community represents self-sufficient people in the business world, stripping down to what matters most — community, hard work and heart.
Supporting Each Other
All of the businesses, makers and visitors to 9th Street Village embrace a unique dynamic where everyone supports each other. We all band together to support this community — we share meals, ideas, lend a helping hand and cheers to a life well-lived with a cold Bevel beer in hand.
9th Street Village offers ample opportunities for networking and connecting with other members of the community. From shared workspaces at DIYcave and Milo’s to open mic nights at Bevel Beer, find your people. You never know who you’ll meet on The Patio or working alongside you.
Love For Local
Feel inspired by the love for local that permeates the atmosphere at 9th Street Village. Stop by Nosh and try their homemade pickles. Build the tiny house of your dreams at the DIY Cave or take a class to learn how to weld. All in your own backyard at 9th Street Village.

9th Street Village adheres to an ethos that bridges the gap between technology, fine art and innovation. We created this community that mixes retail, classes, workshops, entertainment, food and drink to build a collaborative environment that supports the open minds and creative wills of Bendites.

MAKERS & Creatives

Open artist spaces and private studios are available at DIYcave’s Annex. Larger projects can be accomplished in DIYcave’s makerspace or in our outdoor “tiny home build” spaces. 9th Street Village houses makers and doers of all stripes. Artists can be found throughout the community.

Food & Brews

9th Street Village brings people together over great food and great beverages. Bevel Beer has become a staple in the Bend brewery scene and pairs seamlessly with food from Nosh Street Food, Aina Kauai-Style Grill, Southern Accent, Taqueria El Nava and Industrial Joe’s.


We are a collection of businesses occupying over two-acres with four buildings and a large outdoor courtyard off 9th Street in Southeast Bend, Oregon. We evoke the collaborative spirit of community in everything we do from coworking to meals and craft beverages. We are movers, shakers and makers.

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