Bright Place Gallery

Art Gallery and Studio Space

Bright Place Gallery brings art to the forefront of conversation at 9th Street Village in Southeast Bend, Oregon. This artist collective includes an art gallery and studio spaces for rent set in a thriving, self-sufficient community. Local artists have the opportunity to work in a collaborative or private environment with easy access to the tools and equipment at DIYcave. Artists and creatives flock to Bright Place Gallery to rent studio space and build on their businesses and trades in a friendly, community-oriented facility. Bright Place Gallery hosts a variety of art-focused events including open studios, themed art shows, open mic nights and more. Visitors to Bright Place have the opportunity to shop for locally made, handcrafted gifts and products in a warm setting.

” I would highly recommend visiting this place, you’ll be inspired!” — Chloe L.

Creative Community

Art Gallery
The heart and soul of Bright Place Gallery comes in the gallery element itself. Home to a variety of artists, including Stuart’s of Bend, browse works of fine art, crafts, fashion and other forms of creative expression at Bright Place Gallery. Bright Place hosts a variety of art events including the $20 Art Show and more.
Studio Space
This Southeast Bend artist collective includes studio space for rent that enables creators and makers of all stripes to create in a private or collaborative environment. Studio spaces range in size and boast easy access to the tools and equipment at DIYcave.
Locally Made Gifts
Shop for locally made gifts and handcrafted wears at Bright Place Gallery. Bright Place Gallery makes shopping in Bend for artisanal products a breeze with a variety of mediums and products to choose from. Buy locally made essential oil and wellness products, leather handbags, fine art, jewelry and more at Bright Place Gallery.
Bright Place Gallery hosts a variety of art events within the 9th Street Village community. Past events have included the annual $20 Art Show, open artist studios, the Grab and Go Gift Show, Open Mic nights, classes and more. Come to Bright Place Gallery for art events in Bend!
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Feel inspired when you visit the artist collective and gallery space at Bright Place.